Headless Chicken Syndrome

20 Feb

This is not intended as a rant, more of an experiment to see how many other mums feel the same as me.  I call it ‘headless chicken syndrome’ and it happens periodically when my brain has reached full capacity and information seems to pour from every orifice instead of staying in my head?

Does that sound familiar?  Please say it does and I’m not losing my marbles again (I do have a tendency to leave them at children’s play areas or in the park)

It is a side effect of the circus act of my life.  Juggling being a mum, wife, colleague, and trying to find time for the real me sometimes works, but quite often leaves me exhausted and in need of a rather large glass of vino.

I told my daughter the other day that ‘I couldn’t hear myself think’ and she looked at me completely confused and asked if we made a noise when we were thinking!

You know the moments I mean though – Those moments where the washing machine is on spin cycle, one child is having a full blown paddy because you won’t let him have yet more chocolate, the other child is reciting the whole school play that you saw 3 weeks ago and your husband is trying to talk to you about sorting out the car insurance.  Amongst all that you are trying to find that miniscule amount of brain space left to plan your meals for the week ahead so you don’t run out of food!

Am I just getting old and my brain is shrinking or am I really processing so much information that my brain can’t cope? Whenever these episodes of ‘headless chicken syndrome’ arise I found that all sorts of information goes missing.  Sometimes it’s a conversation I just had with my husband about tea that goes right out of my head (no it really isn’t that I’m not listening darling).  Other times it’s forgetting to make the kids pack lunches and them reminding me at the school gates!  On one occasion I even forgot to pick my mother-in -law up and drove past her waiting for me!  It wasn’t until I got home and hubby looked at me all confused and asked where his mum was that I twigged!!

I haven’t quite worked out how to combat these incidents of total brain fuzz yet but I am trying to convince my better half that a monthly trip to a spa would be a great investment 😉


One Response to “Headless Chicken Syndrome”

  1. clarebear203 February 27, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    ha ha this made me chuckle, i so know what you mean!
    What you need to do is stop over thinking things and analyzing them, for once just go with the flow. I’m exactly the same as you and before my kids i swear i had OCD but with kids you just cant you need to STOP! take a deep breath and count to 10 then walk away! everything will still run properly and you need to delicate more things to the rest of the family xx

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